Big Momma’s Big Adventures!

Do you want to take your dog on an adventure? Of course you do! But you’re just swamped juggling meetings at work, getting the kids to practice, planning a beach day, or have too many errands to run!

No worries! 😄

Big Momma will take your dog on a fun adventure! 🏞️

Your dog will have a great time at the beach, going to the park, or relaxing at one of the many waterfronts!

Whether you’d like to work on advanced training or for your dog to enjoy themselves, Nicole will make sure your dog has a great time!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Let Nicole know when you’d like your dog to go on a big adventure!

  2. Then you can decide where you’d like your dog to go

  3. Set up a date/time

  4. Nicole will then come pick your dog up and bring them to the designated location

    1. Make sure you have treats, water bottles, and water bowl for Nicole to bring 😊

  5. Adventures will last anywhere between 1-2 hours (depending on the weather)

  6. Nicole will bring your dog back once the adventure time is over (or the dog becomes tired!)

**If there is inclement weather, the Big Adventure will have to be rescheduled to another time**

Cost for Adventures:

Monmouth County Residents: $150 per adventure (1 dog)

Middlesex County Residents: $175 per adventure (1 dog)

Ocean County Residents: $200 per adventure (1 dog)



  2. If your dog rides in your car using a seatbelt, crate, etc. Please let Nicole know! Her goal is to keep your dog safe! 😊

    • *Your dog must also be able to get into the car on their own OR Nicole must be able to pick up the dog*

  3. Equipment used for walking dogs must be in good condition

    • No worn or frayed leashed, harnesses, etc.

  4. All walking tools are fitted correctly

    • Nicole will have extra leashes in case of an emergency

  5. Dogs must be up to date on all shots

  6. If your dog wears a muzzle, please have muzzle ready before Nicole picks up your dog

  7. Nicole will not take your dog to any dog park

    • You all know how she feels about them…….

**Please note: this service is for clients who are currently completing lessons or have already completed lessons with Big Momma’s Dog Training.