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Rules for In-Person lessons:

1. **This does not apply to anyone who had lessons with Nicole as far back as March and had to cancel; they will have priority before Nicole takes on new clients. 

2. ***Clients now have the option to have training lessons conducted in their home. As long as everyone wear masks and can practice social distancing.***

3. Training will be conducted outside the client's home in the front or backyard; as long there is enough room where social distancing can be practiced. Meeting at a park or a large open area will also be acceptable. 

4. Everyone who participates in the training MUST have masks. If everyone is far enough away from one another, the masks can be lowered. ***This is for everyone's safety, if you do not have your mask on PLEASE refrain from approaching Nicole!!***

5. If at any point Nicole does not feel safe, she will terminate the lesson. If a client does not feel safe, they may also call off the lesson as well. Training your dog is important, but the safety and health of the humans is absolutely more important. 

6. Please keep in mind CDC guidelines and practice social distancing, wear masks and have a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you. If a client feels comfortable wearing gloves, they may also do so. 

7. Nicole IS handling dogs again! PLEASE make sure all leashes, collars, etc are sanitized!! Nicole is doing a happy dance! 

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8. SOME aggression cases will be taken at this time, please call or text Nicole ahead of time so she can evaluate the situation. 

9. Nicole is  still holding online lessons; if a client does not feel comfortable with in-person lessons, they will be welcomed to participate in remote dog training lessons! 

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Nicole! be safe and well everyone!!

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