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Make a Splash this Summer! 

It's back!

Big Momma's will be helping owners teach their dogs the fundamentals and safety of being in and around the pool!

Nicole will teach you and your dog:

  • How to safely enter/exit the pool

  • To settle when there is excitement in the pool

  • Fitting a life jacket

  • How to interact with a kiddie pool

  • Ways to keep your dog safe around the pool

  • and so much more!!

With this lesson you will receive:

  • A life jacket

  • Choice of a kiddie pool or a splash pad (your choice!)

    • If you would like both it would be an additional $20​

  • Certificate of completion

This lesson is $180 and lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

This lesson is available from June 1st - August 31st.


Send Nicole a message now to get started!



*Please note: this lesson is available only to those who are currently completing lessons or are currently completing lessons with Big Momma's Dog Training, LLC. 

**Pricing subject to change at any time

***Agreements MUST be signed before lesson begins 

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