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Rules for Pack Walks

  • Flexi-leads will not be allowed

    • A 4-6 foot nylon leash is acceptable

  • Dogs must be current with their vaccinations

    • Rabies must be current!!

  • Bring high value treats

    • There will be many distractions to test your dog with 😉

  • Please refrain from giving other dogs treats you might have

    • Keep in mind, there could be dogs present who have allergies

  • Dogs should not meet on leash

    • If dogs meet, no more than a second meeting

  • Please do not pet another dog without the owner’s permission

    • You all know that’s a pet peeve of mine when I walk Baymax 😉

  • You are more than welcome to bring the family!

    • The same rule above applies to everyone, especially children

    • If you would like to pet someone else’s dog PLEASE ASK

  • Pack walks last about 1-2 hours, but you are not required to stay the whole time.

    • You know your dog better than anyone – if you see they are tired, frustrated, or over-stimulated, know when it’s time to leave.

  • Nicole will also have merch available!

    • Cash, Check, or Zelle will be accepted 😊

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