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*Continuing Education

*Please note: these lessons are available to those who selected either 5, 6, or 9 lesson packages*


Yay! You received your certificate for completing Big Momma’s in-home lessons!

Now what?

Training NEVER stops, even after you’ve completed your lessons. So, what can you do?

Continue learning of course!

Nicole is offering a new level of lessons for clients that have completed basic skills.

In this next level of training, you will learn:

  • How to keep your dog engaged with you around distractions

  • Build on basics such as Wait, Sit, Leave it, etc

  • Venture to parks, trails and places such as Home Depot or Lowe’s to work on real life scenarios

  • Practice off leash skills

  • Impulse control around distractions

  • Work on recall with high distractions

  • Fun games and tricks to keep your dogs entertained

  • Earn trick, CGC, Stunt Dog, and even Animal Actor certifications

***These lessons will be offered as packages, pricing is below:

  • 5 lessons - $575

  • 6 lessons - $625

  • 9 lessons - $875

*For more than one dog participating in the advanced lessons, an additional fee of $50/dog will be added onto the price of the package client selects*

Lessons can range from 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours.

***Pricing is subject to change


*These lessons are available to those who have a certificate through Big Momma's or who have completed basic lessons elsewhere; new clients will need a consultation before moving ahead with advanced lessons

Rules and Guidelines for lessons are below:

Cash, checks, and Zelle accepted

No refunds

Payment for lessons:

  • Can be made in full the 1st lesson

  • Half of payment made at the 1st lesson and then remainder of payment during 2nd/3rd lesson

Failure in payment may result in termination of remainder of lessons.​

Lessons must be completed within a  month time period. 

Clients are allowed to reschedule a max of  times, however, if the trainer needs to reschedule at any time, this will not count towards the client. If client needs to reschedule after the 3 limit, those lessons will not be made up.

If client "ghosts" trainer once they have asked to reschedule and trainer has made attempts to reach out without success, then any remaining lessons will be terminated. 

If client reaches back out to trainer after the  attempts and time has passed, client will have to start over with a new package; no refund for previous lessons completed. 

If client must reschedule up to  hours before scheduled lesson, a cancellation fee of $25 will be charged. This will not count against client is there is a family emergency, etc. 

Big Momma's will not be held responsible for any injuries dog(s) may sustain in a public outing

Big Momma's will not be held responsible for any lost, broken, or stolen training equipment. 

When working in an outside environment, there have been instances where loose dogs have approached during a training session. Big Momma's will do everything they can to protect client/dog but unfortunately accidents can happen. Big Momma's will not be held responsible for any injuries or damages caused by off leash dogs. 

Big Momma’s will not be held responsible for damage to client’s property.

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