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Big Momma's Pack Walks


Big Momma’s will announce when the pack walks for 2023 will be!

 (Weather permitting)


Pack walks are a great time to get out, enjoy time with your dog, and meet new people! This is also a fantastic opportunity to socialize your dog in a new environment with numerous distractions. *Pack walks are for those who have completed training lessons or are currently having lessons with Nicole ONLY* Please send in the below sign up form.  Coffee will also be provided from Gem's House of Bagels, located in Keansburg. Nicole will also post when the pack walks will be on Facebook/Instagram. Emails will also be sent out when the date(s) get closer! 😊

**Head to the Pack Walk Rules section to go over the rules of the Pack Walks**

**Please be advised: there are risks when it comes to pack walks.**

Big Momma's will not be held responsible for any equipment lost or broken. Please make sure your walking tools (leashes, etc.) are in good condition, we do NOT want dogs to get lost. Big Momma's will not be held responsible for dogs that are lost. 

Big Momma's will not be held responsible if your dog sustains an injury such as soreness, cuts, etc. 

Please be wary of others dogs, Big Momma's will do everything possible to prevent any fights, but accidents do happen. Big Momma's will not be held responsible for any bite injuries. 

By submitting the below form, you agree to accept the terms above.  

Pack Walk Sign Up!

Thanks for submitting! I look forward to seeing you!

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