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Service Dog -Public Access Training

Service animals – animals that are trained to performed specific tasks to help mitigate their owner’s disabilities. These animals are allowed in public settings where a pet may not be allowed; ie grocery stores, restaurants, etc.

Service dogs go through rigorous training to allow their handler’s the freedom and independence they need to live just as everyone else does.

Part of the dog and handler’s training involves venturing out into the public to learn how to:

  • Handle public access issues

  • Teach the dog to ignore distractions

  • Deal with others who might want to pet the dog

  • Teach the dog how to task in a public setting

  • Learn how to handle rude employees of businesses

  • Teach the dog to focus on tasking for handler with distractions

  • …and much more!

Basic training must be completed before a public access outing. Basic lessons would be completed in the client’s home/around their neighborhood.

If handler would like to attempt an outing, please let Nicole know where you would like to go to set up a date and time. Public access can be practiced in places such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, etc.

Outings will be $125 per session and can last anywhere between 1-2 hours.

Length of outing will depend on how the handler is feeling, how well the dog is doing, and if there are any issues that might be causing the handler great stress.


Let Nicole know if you have any questions about public access training!

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