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Big Momma, the Big Runner!

Running is not only good physically for your dog, but it also helps them mentally as well!

Did you know?

Nicole loves running! 🏃‍♀️

There are many breeds (and individual dogs) who need more than a quick walk around the block. Running will help take off any excess energy your dog may have, ease anxiety (because dogs can have anxiety!), and help keep them at a healthy weight! 😊

Before any exercise program you must get an all clear from your vet before beginning this service!

Any leashes, harnesses, etc must be in good condition before any run. Nicole will have back up leashes in case of an emergency.

Runs would normally take place in the morning or later afternoon. 

Each run would be $45.*

Below is how a run would look:

  1. 5 minute walk to warm up

  2. 5-30 minutes of running

  3. 5 minute cool down walk

Every dog is different and some might be able to run longer than others; Nicole will not push your dog if she sees they are tired/sore.

Your dog must have an understanding of basic training.

A run can last about 30 minutes, depending on the dog and weather.

Any inclement weather (heavy rain, snow, etc) would mean the run would need to be reschedule.

**Please note: This is only for clients who are currently completing lessons or have completed training with Big Momma’s. This special service is only offered through May 1st - October 30th. 

*Price subject to change at any time

***Rules and guidelines MUST be signed before each run. 

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