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Big Momma, Drops In!


Tonight’s the night! The concert you’ve been looking forward to since it got postponed due to 2020!


You don’t have anyone to stop by to take care of your animals…😮

No worries!

Big Momma’s will help out!

Nicole will stop by to help with any of the below:

  • take dog(s) out on a quick walk

  • let dogs out in the backyard to potty

  • feed dog(s) and other critters

  • make sure fresh water is available

  • administer medication(s)

  • play with dog(s)

  • crates/beds are neat

  • and whatever else your animals need! 


30-45 minutes - $22

Additional dogs - $10 add on (For each additional dog, 10-15 minutes will be added to your drop in visit!)

Smaller animals that need care (cats, hamsters, etc) - $5 (For smaller animals, an additional 5 minutes will be added on to your drop in visit!)

If additional time is needed, there will be extra charge of $10 for a half an hour and $15 for an additional hour after initial Drop In visit time!

**Please note: Service is only available to current and former clients who have completed lessons with Big Momma’s

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