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Meet the Inspiration Behind Big Momma's:

Dee for Xmas.jpg

Dee pictured with her fiercely loyal Newfoundland, Onyx. She loved her "beautiful girl" so much. 

Dee with Rockette.jpg

In 2017, tragedy struck when Nicole’s mom, Dee, sadly lost her battle to small cell lung cancer on December 1st. Dee was a compassionate animal lover and a dog trainer herself; she was Nicole’s biggest supporter and cheerleader. Nicole named her business in honor of her late mom, who called herself “Big Momma the Iron Lung.” Nicole, her mom and brother all loved watching WWE together and one night they joked about what names they would give themselves. Dee jokingly flexed her arms, with her oxygen cannulas in her nose, and dubbed herself “Big Momma the Iron Lung.”

To battle against this awful disease that’s cancer, at the end of every month, 1% of our profits will be donated to the American Cancer Society. We will post the total amount we were able to collect for every month under our donations tab. If you’d like to donate directly to the National Cancer Society, you can also go to our Donations tab and click on the link.

This is Dee when she was younger with her dog, Rockette. Look how she's off leash!

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