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"Where We TRAIN your dog!"

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Big Momma's


   · Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer (graduated with honors) 

   · AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

   · Certified Trick Dog Instructor

   · Stunt Dog Judge

   · Association of Professional Dog Trainers’ Member

  •  AKC Temperament Test Evaluator

  • Graduate of Stratford Career Institute; Canine Specialist degree - honors

  • Animal Actors Certified Evaluator

Get to know Nicole, owner and dog trainer!

Nicole was born in Tennessee and raised on the Pasta Bar Ranch in Cohutta, Georgia, where her love of dogs began. Her parents volunteered the ranch as a way station for dogs destined for various no-kill shelters in the Tennessee valley when space was in short supply. They housed as many as fourteen dogs at a time. Her best friends had four legs, wagging tails, and tons of love to give.

Nicole has been a professional dog trainer for 11  years with multiple certifications. She has taught private one-on-one lessons, group classes, and myriads of in-home lessons over the years. She has taken multiple courses that involve basics, tricks, reactivity, and even the prevention of biting and fighting in dogs. Nicole also has extensive knowledge of the invisible fence system, their proper use, and the training involved. Nicole also studies all aspects of service dog training including specific tasks for the need of the handler and the laws governing Service Dog use. She is also a mentor for Animal Behavior College where she was once a student! 

Nicole looks forward to helping you and your furry friends learn some fun stuff!

Melissa H

Nicole is absolutely amazing with dogs! She truly knows her stuff, and is dedicated and passionate about her trade!
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